My Damn Musings To Go

I'll keep doing this over and over until I get it… wrong

mean girl

(a backstabbing bridezilla witch, with warts.)

Defending My Daughter

Tina, Tina, a marred, meaningless maggot,
paranoid, psychotic, a sleazy, crazy bitch;
you betrayed my daughter’s friendship,
so this scratches you away … a worthless itch.

Such disappointment, doing what evil does,
despicable … it is what you naturally do;
building a fake friendship … snuffing it out,
and I’m hoping someone does that to you.

Schizoid, selfish, a self-serving psycho,
a backstabbing bridezilla witch, with warts;
they’re contagious, too, for your Miss-ter Tina,
also infecting your diarrhea-licking cohorts.

You’re dirty, untrustworthy, but a “traitor” not,
even though sinister, devious, and, you lied;
since, to technically betray my daughter,
you had to, first, been a true friend by her side.

She entrusted, committed, and also confided,
and gave your (w)hordes what they want;
obnoxious, a disgusting piece of fecal matter,
you’re a shallow, rotten, putrid little c**t.

Tina … you’re a degenerate … cold, cruel,
and my years have witnessed none so vile;
it should be illegal to even know of you.
You’re unwholesome, filthy, a scary reptile.

What goes around comes around, so true,
And you will get the shit-end of the hating;
“friends,” family, job, life, and Miss-ter Tina
… all condemned, and combustion-in-waiting.

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