Mr. Mike and His Mr. Mike Shirt


(We’re challenged to turn away … but cannot.)

Mr. Mike and His Mr. Mike Shirt

Be advised, it’s Mr. Mike and his Mr. Mike shirt
Unique, chic, miraculous, mesmerizing from afar
Irrational, as stripes, squares, patterns-a-dancing
Per Mr. Mike, as he zip-zags through many a star

There he moves, perpetual, and in the distance
With his Mr. Mike shirt so screamingly effusive
As sunlight bouncing, a beacon to his whereabouts
But tracking Mr. Mike is fleeting, somehow elusive

A Mr. Mike gait initiates, instigates that pulsing
Come-alive asymmetry hurriedly hectic and electic
OMG, those swirling, twirling embryonic shapes
Undeniably shifting, all-aflutter and apoplectic

Shadows vibrating, weaving, no one’s seen the like,
For sure, a motley medley of geometric irregularity,
Of entities inciting, biting, inviting, and igniting
You’re paralyzed by its colors’ beauty and clarity

Colors like coral, periwinkle, wisteria, French rose,
An all-in-one dream print, a Hawaiian throwback,
A Mr. Mike shirt, almost suggestively psychedelic,
But how do you see this pattern, as in Rorschach?

Mr. Mike and Mr. Mike shirt, a bob and sway away,
A tumult, whirlwind, cyclonic, like Jupiter’s red spot,
A Mr. Mike shirt, it’s exotic, hypnotic, megawattic
We’re challenged, dared to turn away… but cannot

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