Gun Hypocrites

Gun Hypocrites The "gun control" debate hits us again. Now, I have my opinion, but, for the most part, that sentiment won't be bombastically displayed here.  But I do have a question to the so-called Hollywood celebs and elites, who always seem to do the opposite of what they unabashedly espouse to the rest of … Continue reading Gun Hypocrites

Memo to the Makers of Christmas Commercials

Memo to the Makers of Christmas Commercials To: You radio and TV executives responsible for creating and approving each holiday season’s commercials. This applies to all products, but specifically, your new car commercials. From: a beleaguered, tortured individual who cannot get away from those commercials, because they’re constant, everywhere, ongoing … and they ALMOST ALWAYS … Continue reading Memo to the Makers of Christmas Commercials

The Merchandise People

The Merchandise People We pay homage in many ways to the world’s very smart individuals. People like Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Galileo, and Marie Curie from the past. Today, it’s Stephen Hawking and others. There's no denying the impact these people have made on mankind, with their respective, and various far-reaching contributions. However, with all due … Continue reading The Merchandise People

The Holiday Decorations People

The Holiday Decorations People I don't understand the reasoning for putting up holiday decorations weeks or even months before the actual holiday. Lately, I've seen Halloween decorations before summer's end, Thanksgiving before Halloween, and Christmas before Thanksgiving. WHY????? What is the goddam rush? Listen to me you ubiquitous jump-the-gun holiday decorations people … when you … Continue reading The Holiday Decorations People

The Food People

The Food People I don’t know what else to pontificate about this subject anymore. People are obsessed with food and it’s exasperating. Food is sustenance and life, I get it. So is water and oxygen but no one ever talks about those, ad nauseam, like food. In a restaurant, did you ever notice how all … Continue reading The Food People

The Other Sun People

The Other Sun People I get it. People worship the sun and have it down to a science in so doing. Sun-idolizing pagans in the 5th century bowing to the Sun-God had nothing on these people. Laying in it, playing in it, they’re out there whenever possible in worship … without a pulpit, pew, or a Stonehenge in … Continue reading The Other Sun People

Those Screeching PCH Commercials

Those Screeching PCH Commercials I’m hoping to win today's daily $1,000,000,000 contest prize from Publishers Clearing House – no, not to buy houses and cars – but to offer the money back to them. Why? As a plea deal for them NOT to run those torturous commercials, that’s why. You know the ones where a … Continue reading Those Screeching PCH Commercials

Mr. Modern MLB Player

Mr. Modern MLB Player Now listen to me, Mr. Modern Major League Baseball Player. DO NOT point at the sky the next time you hit a home run, or even worse, after a single while standing on first base. I'm going to have to insist. Why do you do that? Where did that come from? … Continue reading Mr. Modern MLB Player

Nose Hairs

Men: Yes, facial hair is acceptable - as in beard or mustache - NOT as in long, rope-like strands streaming out of your disgusting nostrils. Let me ask, do you own a mirror? Do you not wash your face and shave or trim in front of it? The next time you do, hopefully today, you … Continue reading Nose Hairs

Celebrity Boo-Hooing

Always the great equalizer and fixer, I also have the perfect solution for any celebrity having one of their problems. Listen to me, Mr. and Ms. Famous-Person-With-Countless-Bucks-Banked ... here's what you have to do to solve your so-called problem: count your money, one dollar bill at a time, and by the time you're finished, your … Continue reading Celebrity Boo-Hooing