Dominatrix Mommies

Dominatrix Mommies Recently, in my quest to evaluate the societal imbalances between men and women, I’ve been focusing on moms and dads … the parents that are family heads. I suppose it depends, but in most cases it appears that mom, not dad, is the head parent in full control. No surprise there, but control … Continue reading Dominatrix Mommies

Simple Satisfaction

Simple Satisfaction The other day I passed a road construction crew, as one of its workers attempted to alter the traffic pattern from three lanes to two. The worker was placing large orange traffic cones onto the road, and probably the simplest function he’d perform all day. He easily placed about seven cones diagonally, starting … Continue reading Simple Satisfaction

The Missing Carabiner Clip

The Missing Carabiner Clip Scenario #1: I knew the placement of a two inch carabiner clip on a bookshelf in my home office would eventually bother my wife. I knew it would then disappear, since the shelf "isn't where the clip belongs.” She has a blind habit of putting things where she thinks they should go … Continue reading The Missing Carabiner Clip

Doing the Right Thing isn’t Always a No-Brainer

Doing the Right Thing isn’t Always a No-Brainer Recently, I did the right thing, sort of, by returning, a large sum of cash to its rightful owner. In this case, the rightful owner is my bank. I’ll explain. Last Friday evening, I made an account deposit via my bank’s drive-up teller window. It’s a scene … Continue reading Doing the Right Thing isn’t Always a No-Brainer

With an Apology to Wee Willie

With an Apology to Wee Willie I’m a ranter.  That’s right, a ranter.  I rant regularly about life’s minor, but ever-present and grating inequities. My rant motivation trigger might be traced to an incident that happened on a long ago Saturday morning.  I’m convinced this particular incident is what helped design the “rant machine blueprint” in … Continue reading With an Apology to Wee Willie

Joe’s Place

Joe's Place It was Monday morning, the start of a new week, and a few more inches of snow fell overnight. Though Joe Miller had other things to do, he felt compelled to visit his cavernous Serling House, 150 feet off his back porch. He felt oddly out of place today, and somewhat mournful and … Continue reading Joe’s Place

The Al Swopes Zone

The Al Swopes Zone There’s a signpost up ahead… the next stop… the Al Swopes Zone! Allow me to explain: In my formative years, like many other young people, I had difficulty coming to terms with what I wanted to do career-wise. Some people blueprint their future early on – whether it’s an aspiration toward … Continue reading The Al Swopes Zone