Thoughts into Words Written

Thoughts into Words Written It’s been a long while, I’m loath to saySince my thoughts became words writtenNow shackled to this mental dungeonIf not love lost, then I’m less smitten My thoughts turning to words writtenA perfectly perfunctory process thenNow seem stalled, and less likely toldToday, more cerebral blocking again My thoughts into words flowed … Continue reading Thoughts into Words Written

Time to Move (On)

Was time to move they knew.Nothing remained but the thrillof razor-thin margins andexhilarating escape. For now, it’s forced facadeswith ill-fitted neighborsand crooked smiles.Until tomorrow, Friday, whenself-inflicted flight occurs. Childless.No relationships, minusthose adopted and short-lived.Winters too warm;no familial involvement. She. A peerless presence in that house.(Wasn’t it recently long-time empty?)Her hair style perfect.Expensively attired, impeccable,though not … Continue reading Time to Move (On)

I know I know Her

(Shouldn’t soulmates be as one?) I know I know Her Who is this woman approaching? Soul-piercing eyes, pretty pout. I know I know her, and her, me. An intrigue I can do without. Deju vu personified permeates, paralysis returns, eyeing those hips. Again, see my arm around her waist, I’m intoxicated already … those lips … Continue reading I know I know Her

In Back, Here

(Behind their home, reflecting today.) In Back, Here Standing in back, here. Behind their home. Reflecting today, on then. And, them. First, when, just a house, inside, impotent and sterile. She made it a home, a life hub, full, familial; connecting hearts beating, and souls imperishable. Her warmth, embracing through the years long. With her … Continue reading In Back, Here

He Never Said I Love You

He Never Said I Love You I thought he didn’t love me I thought such over the years Not going by his provision But, his emotions, it appears He never said I love you Even feigning for my sake I thought, given life by him Surely, was God’s mistake It took a span of self-pity … Continue reading He Never Said I Love You

So Sorry, Dad

(An unceremonious changing of the guard.) So Sorry, Dad His mouth said no words. His face expressionless, but speaking volumes as I drove his car away from him today. An unceremonious changing of the guard. Dad was King of the World. And the road, in this car, no longer his. His driving time and freedom, … Continue reading So Sorry, Dad

A Last Mission

(Grandeur in amending mighty remains.) A Final Mission A majestic oak. Towering. Unbending. Regal-in-place. All encompassing. A life tree of principle and protection, viable in familial space. Today brought down hard; a blinding and ferocious flash. God’s act, in a split-second searing skyward hiss from heaven. Once airy, ethereal, abruptly shattered, now scattered in its … Continue reading A Last Mission

The Siren Call of Memories Past

(My sowing reaped what I wrought.) The Siren Call of Memories Past If not for looking back past, more memories might be grand; angst and retracing worn steps, now, daily, go hand-in-hand. Regretting so many regrets, not at all my initial plan; I want liberty to look back, instead … this reminiscence ban. It’s not … Continue reading The Siren Call of Memories Past

The Inkman

(Where does he hide and reside, before he reappears?) The Inkman Daillllly Newssss … Daily News he decrees, offering news, hope, as he chants, voice resonant; wry smile, twinkle eye, greeting those in kind, proud, avowed, endowed, and rather eminent. No spring chicken he, but tall, lean, spare, forever young may be safe how to … Continue reading The Inkman

Devised Disharmony

(Caused by something unnatural ... ) Devised Disharmony New hatred, leads us and guides, It divides, overwhelms our day. But what source feeds this frenzy As more of us daily, join the fray? New hatred, the new world order, A disorder of norm; its aftermath. Simultaneous summer smiles Disintegrate to winter’s wrath. New hatred, permeates, … Continue reading Devised Disharmony