Impressionable  It was the early 60’s (as in 1960’s) and my formative years had begun their countdown. Looking back, it was my personal Leave it to Beaver-land, a classic TV existence, with mundane, middle class mores, and whitewashed awareness of my burgeoning world. Not due so much from sheltering, but the times. It was a … Continue reading Impressionable

What Might Have Been

What Might Have Been A boy toy-strewn living room floor was the setting for that final play session between my five year old son and his same age playmate. The two boys had recently met, but already had numerous play dates within a short period. After the play session, I met the boy's father for … Continue reading What Might Have Been

Brain Power

Brain Power When my now grown daughter was 4 or 5, she was an old soul and always concerned about any upcoming function, such as a school event, test, etc. That is, she was always worried that her “brain wouldn’t work properly,” and wouldn’t be able to absorb and learn what she needed. So, in … Continue reading Brain Power

Today I have to do it all Over Again

Today I have to do it all Over Again It's true about the wedding-funeral thing. As in, as time goes by, it’s the only time you see certain family members. I was doing the funeral hugs-and sorrow-thing for a while, seemingly caught in one of those endless loops, including my own mother’s. (I love you … Continue reading Today I have to do it all Over Again

The “Big Guy” who Called WWDB Radio in Philadelphia

The “Big Guy” who Called WWDB Radio in Philadelphia Many years ago during my ride home from work, I was listening to a radio show by renowned Vietnam correspondent and talk show host, Stan Major. Stan, at that time, was the host of a show at WWDB radio in Philadelphia. I don’t remember the subject … Continue reading The “Big Guy” who Called WWDB Radio in Philadelphia