A Decision by Francis


(A distant June we saw him last.)

A Decision by Francis

A decision by Francis, so long ago,
continues to resonate, still engages.
His rapid reply into watery depths;
a life-altering decision for the ages.

A son, a brother, lost, never forgotten,
a hero gained to story-tell embrace.
He boldly gave his life for someone;
in time, we’ll thank him face-to-face.

A distant June we saw him last,
trading life and destiny with another;
when in a quick split, claiming a place
as God’s begotten star to discover.

We met briefly, but know him well,
as the decision laid his soul to bare;
as we reject and rejoice his choice of,
and letting providence decide if fair.

A decision by Francis, altering and stark,
left us sad and grateful … but numb.
Yet, we know, given the same choice,
he would choose the same outcome.

As he quite eloquently waxed nostalgic,
The father of Francis, said, through tears,
“Thought we’re following a splendid star,
but a brilliant meteor flash, to disappear.”

Rob Spina


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