The Dark And I

light surrounded by dark

(I knew my life had been snuffed.)

The Dark And I

I’ve already died one time,
and it’s so much different there;
I floated and I saw myself
in that brightly colored air.

I did observe a darkened hall,
but I didn’t stay too long;
I had this feeling of guided need,
for I wasn’t weak nor strong.

I did want to understand
what was commanding my sight;
and I was glad to be led
by that dark enshrouded light.

I can still recall my feeling
of whether it was wrong or fair;
I knew my life had been snuffed,
and I didn’t seem to care.

But I was bent on reevaluating
my past sordid and shallow stance;
and I became determined as much
as to acquire another chance.

At this, the light got brighter,
and I sensed that it would leave;
since that’s probably all it needed
to be able to grant my reprieve.

I’m proof that reminds me of it,
in reference to tell my story;
being cured of those values I had,
when injected by that after-life jury.

The Dark and I©
Rob Spina

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