Lemmings, Inc.

(All followers and no swollowers of pride.)

Lemmings, Inc.

No need for constant sunshine,
I’m not like you … so damn weak;
I can get by easily, quite nicely
with a somber sky… so bleak.

No relenting to offspring of fatigue,
No yielding to that thing you do;
For me … yawns aren’t contagious,
The same gullible way they’re for you.

No such shortcuts to mother tongue,
No atrophy of language … I’m immune;
I cannot cuddle with slangy trends,
Thus … no “LOL’ing” anytime soon.

No candy, cake or confectionery craving,
No sweet tooth fixation to address;
Crumbly cookies … pies paraded forth,
When you can’t resist I laugh, I confess.

No sports merchandise … will I purchase,
Fanatic idolatry … silly… out-of-whack;
I won’t pay them to advertise their brand,
Or, wear some man’s name on my back.

No addictions … hidden or otherwise,
No luring, bad habits to revoke;
I’m spared from casinos, shopping malls,
Or those other vices that up in smoke.

Fixations, shortcuts, addictions abound,
People see-people do … in a row in-sync;
All followers and no swallowers of pride,
No leaders … less those at Lemmings, Inc.

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