Unwrapping Cardboard Box Secrets




(Skeletons dance, prance, in most our closets.)

Unwrapping Cardboard Box Secrets

This enclosure up here, seldom-seen
A memories graveyard, in-often spent
Belongings strewn, familial dusty boxes
Of love letters’ long-gone perfume scent

Attics in daytime profess nothing new
A neutral, static, benign place to delve
But all-day shadows defiantly darken
As night creeps and clocks tick to 12

Today’s sojourn, a sporadic, engaging visit
pom-poms, diaries, memories mischievous
but, darkness dictates departing, downstairs
suddenly, a box, from no memory previous

Odd… sun-spawned shadows kept hidden
This casual box, lightbulb-shadows reveal
I’m compelled to peek now than tomorrow
Well aware, nighttime’s an Achilles’ heel

Recognizing the lateness of the hour
Acknowledgement strikes at first glance
I glared, stared suspicious this old box
arms now akimbo, taking my stance

I’m adamant, sedate, stern, steadfast
Clocks at 12, unmask vulnerabilities
Convinced past midnight isn’t the time
Unplugging potential Pandora possibilities

What recall might unleash this a.m. hour?
This non-descript box bedeviling for sure
I long to let go, my bed beckons below
A safe, warm haven… this dilemma’s cure!

I’m leaving, however, curiosity’s lure, isn’t
Acknowledging intent, without motion
I’m gaitless, paceless, with paralysis in play
Cardboard box secrets’ a strong potion

Midnight and beckoning beds be damned
Curiosity commands a cursory look
I’m loathe to relent, submit, surrender
However, the power of nostalgia I mistook

Yellowed, misshapen, and faded markings
A bit brittle, hiding here a lifetime long
Now unwrapping cardboard boxed secrets
Suddenly seems more merited than wrong

Box agape, Edison’s light prevails within
Assuaging alleged fears before me passed
That possible Pandora plight said previous?
Faded… as facing the past unfolds en masse

Dormant garments… now awakening indeed
Memories, viable, not imagined or supposed
Memories immediate, flashbacks immense
Attic-stored, eons long, now free-exposed

Astonishing… my school play magician’s cape
‘twas Sister Miriam’s idea, especially chosen;
Be prepared… prodded my cub scout clothes
Den mom Mrs. McLeester, a memory frozen

On-deck… dirt-stained little league attire
Manager “Joonie’s” tutorage, so generous
Jeepers… this Superman shirt flies high again
Purchased by cousin Joe… no longer with us

Oh my… my business blazer and best laid plans
A catastrophic formula for fortune and fame
Uh oh… my old scarf, a subtle lipstick smudge
In trouble, again, if even thinking her name

Parting… tipping this cap for our canine, Dug
When time for putting down this beloved pet
Starting… with this suede jacket, rain-ruined
Offered to Eileen for cover, the night we met

Yesterday, long-enshrouded, suddenly clear
Realizing, I uncovered less bad than good
a cathartic warmth, an afterglow, a healing
a closing of the expanse from where I stood

Skeletons dance, prance, in most our closets
Revisionist yesterday’s restrict as a result
Creating, permeating roadblocks looking back
Which, in turn, makes facing forward difficult

A thought crosses, this wee hour past 12
My erstwhile fear, up here, seems contrived
A box, asleep, with memories nudged awake
Here awhile now, but feeling I’ve just arrived

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