Mobile, or Prison… as in Cell©


(Eyes wide shut … capture now complete.)

Mobile, or Prison… as in Cell©

Our new-age mistress, quite alluring,
we’re all enduring a ubiquitous affair;
we admit participating … partaking,
and residing in her insidious lair.

Her scourge on us unwary, unleashed,
unpoliced … preening outside said cage;
however, welcoming with open arms
this cohort … foe … lifeline … and sage.

Intoxicating and gamingly addictive
but freedom-restrictive, so to harm;
her grip strong, gaze unblinking,
enchanting … more spell than charm.

Her display … chic, sleek, rich, bright,
but, a parasite … persuasion to quell;
as, a “smart” device by another name
is still Mobile, or prison … as in Cell.

She’s afflictive, convictive, conflictive
constrictive, steely, and rather stoic,
triumphant, reaping hero admiration,
but, most decidedly, far from heroic.

Well done, her methodical revolution,
pure evolution, from luxury-to-norm;
high-tech royalty desirable by design,
an apt alchemy of function and form.

Our eyes admire, her curves aesthetic,
but, it’s pathetic unrestrained excess;
as our obsessive device-dependency
claims a downward spiral to darkness.

Enrapturing and capturing, so aside,
she relied on compulsion for control;
knowing that once ably addicted,
we procure no such pardon or parole.

Your hold unyielding; time to reflect,
forthwith, to dissect, uncoil this twist:
wanting what you parade and exhibit,
but, your seduction of us … dismissed!

A tech takeover from the likes of you,
a coup … a toxic mistress stroke of art,
as you rule, nomophobia’s understood,
your scheme, not ingenious but “smart.”

Such an enigma, a sword double-edged,
Alleged, you’re both poison and blessing,
as you nourish and feed our needs
while finessing, possessing, oppressing.

Eyes wide shut … capture now complete,
our defeat … you own blunt, easy access;
you hypnotize, steal time and attention,
sometimes snuffing lives in the process.

Your unyielding grasp needn’t be tight,
we’ve no fight, breath left to expel;
as, a “smart” device by another name,
is still Mobile, or prison … as in Cell.

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