As Loneliness Makes Its Mark

(I’m not lonely … just anticipating when it hits.)

As Loneliness Makes Its Mark

It’s very clear to me now
That I have to change my way,
I wanted togetherness always
But I’ve been turned away

The image in my mirror
Is broken, sad, and dark,
My new path is validated
As loneliness makes its mark

Landscape for me is winter
But it wasn’t supposed to be,
Because up until yesterday
Light rays shined on me

Surely, things are now altered
But how much should I admit,
Because though I’m dead inside
Total devastation has yet to hit

I’m in an interim world now
Where I still touch each side,
As yesterday’s perfume lingers
And today’s sorrow coincide

This interim period will pass
As yesterday slips out of range,
And I live alone with myself
With this very unwelcome change

I always had a better half
And conversation never died,
But this is reality at its coldest
And impossible to take in stride

I’m one day away from being old
And my greatest fear is completed,
As I have contracted being alone
And it will always go untreated

Being solitary stifles and suffocates
And something I can’t dislodge,
This room reveals earlier sunsets
And creeping shadows I can’t dodge

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