In Retrospect

(On our last and parting day.)

In Retrospect

A subterranean whisper
from ten thousand miles away,
would probably resemble you and I
on our last and parting day

We both knew it was a definite thing,
that it wasn’t just a hunch,
we forever faced our feelings forward
and we never pulled a punch

We were never unpredictable,
and all our actions were chartered,
if our straightness perhaps forked,
our bond wouldn’t have been martyred

Even being sincere gave thought
and was always slowly belated,
for we knew we were invalid-bound
as future gazing illustrated

Our very first touch was sensorial,
it was initial, incredible, and intense,
and on our very last encounter
we agreed to it being nonsense

There was always room for change,
but this, we both wouldn’t realize,
and we believed in our own direction
which led to our shattering demise

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