Some of Us


one way trip

(On a one-way trip to being alone.)

Some of Us

Some of us as human beings
have affirmations to proclaim,
but so alike as we all are,
our fingerprints aren’t the same

Some of us have god-like idols
that we follow and we mimic,
and some, terribly tried and true,
but comfortable with the same gimmick

Some of us think we’re specialized,
never in error, heedless to warning,
but as alike, yet so different we can be,
we’ve a new chance every morning

Some of us force loved ones away
for want of giving up our throne,
but all we’ll get is a one-way ticket
on a one-way trip to being alone

Some of us keep opening new wounds,
and obligated to provide another suture,
thus, just keep in mind this one thing,
we can’t change the past, only the future

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