A Thanksgiving Day

(We couldn’t host Thanksgiving for all this year,
per usual, so Maria and Steve came to the rescue.)

A Thanksgiving Day

Another year, and, collectively, we’re all here,
Having again survived, and still raising hell,
And dinner on the table looks pretty perfect
Like a famous painting from Norman Rockwell

It seems a massive spread, everything included,
Turkey and potatoes, and gravy, a food tsunami,
At the same time, thanks, a grateful state of mind,
Because two here are Donna and Giovanni

Let’s keep in mind the overall meaning of the day,
About bounty, harvest, and family so to reminisce,
And let’s not forget our overall freedom, strength,
And great life legacies, like Victoria, Ant, and Chris

Let’s not forget that some go hungry, thirsty, and alone,
With no guidance, balance, or place to hang their hat,
While others,’ we pray, can stay on the right course,
With growth much in bloom, for that Ashley and Matt

For some, it’s a struggle just to eat, let alone a feast,
We’re lucky with choices, and a gift of being picky,
In everything give thanks, said Thessalonians 5:18,
So thanks, in our presence today… Lenny and Nikki

Eileen couldn’t do dinner this 2014 AD
The first, since the pilgrims in 1621, I believe
And so we came to the house on Fairmount
And thanks for thanksgiving, Maria and Steve

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