The Ladder of Life


(I looked up one day recently, and reality hit hard.)

The Ladder of Life

Considerations for my future and survival,
Were very, very far and in-between,
As I didn’t give much thought or intervene
To my nebulous needs so remote and away

That distant future arrived, in solid disarray,
More abrupt appearance than gradual transaction,
But bearing, sorry to say, just a mere fraction
Of necessities needed for my staying power

Up the long ladder, eyeing the ivory tower,
Time on each rung measured in an eye blink,
Living, loving, being, harmoniously in-sync,
All, while heedless to the future, somehow

Down the long ladder, quite sober, I vow,
Unceremoniously, to be the last to get stung,
Detecting my limited stay on the bottom rung,
As elsewhere and distant met reality today

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