Thinking It Through

(Your empire toppled … )

Thinking It Through

You say you think it wise
for your perennial disguise,
but who do you think you’re tricking?
All your life you kept sticking
to your one-tracked ways
and your people-fooling days.

You aren’t a supreme being anymore
as your reign died without a roar,
and no one has thought of you since.
Your empire toppled, when you couldn’t convince
more of your kind that your thoughts were law,
and the legions that held you in awe.

You’re appalled you can’t place another seizure
on simpler minds at your damned leisure,
because it’s over for you, once forever.
The quest you partook … a dangerous endeavor,
but your error was befriending a cunning mind
who thought you through and refused to stay blind.

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