You’re Retired and I’m Not©


(I’ve real work tomorrow … you don’t!)

You’re Retired and I’m Not©

No one I know still working my age.
All younger than me; free of the cage.
My, oh my … the indignity … the rage.

I work for a living, with zero free time;
understandably, that goes hand-in-hand.
Retirees … you still seem a bit confused;
what about me don’t you understand?

I reveal to you, I’m “free-time depleted”;
confident my mantra needn’t be repeated.
You Retirees allege to get it … a revelation;
you agree … then send another invitation!

Yet, one more gathering, to meet and greet.
Good God, why … we met just last week!
Our get-togethers chew more lean than fat;
I apologize profusely; but, it’s where I’m at.
Birthdays, anniversaries, an endless plot.

Incredibly, you’re all Retired, and I’m not.

Retiree invitations … their daily addiction;
not necessarily an illness … but affliction.
Working stiffs scream for prompt prevention;
perhaps a “party” to get Retirees’ attention,
then staging an invitation intervention.

Me letting you kill time, a misdemeanor;
but, a crime, if stopping to converse.
Alibis, or being there, what’s worse?

More conversation struggling not to hear;
a sanity check, so much wear and tear.
Damn Retiree rhetoric infiltrating my brain;
please stop the blather, I’m going insane.

So many offending perps and players,
sayers, of same words, literally on cue.
Constant repetition … what Retirees do.

Another lunch request, OMG, dinner too.
People, I’m sorry, only so much I can do.
I … still … work … still mired in the thick;
you seem to forget fully, quite quick.

Ah ha! You claim you’re “busier” than ever;
bouncing to and fro, every which endeavor.
But here’s the deal: you live life nonplussed;
doing whatever you want; me … what I must.

I know, I get it, you’ve got much to do,
long-delayed projects, volunteering, too.
Hobbies and crafts, vino ventures ‘till dizzy;
but my job, dammit, is to earn a living,
while yours, no offense, is to stay busy.

Oh, one more thing, Mr. / Mrs. Retiree,
you need to terminate that charade with me.
As I mention earn-a-living work to be done,
you shout your to-do list, not to be outrun.

I’m always defending myself; my lack of time,
but I’ll say it, here’s the goddam bottom line:
I’d really love to meet again; but can’t, won’t;
as, I’ve real work tomorrow … you don’t!

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