The Merchandise People

The Merchandise People

We pay homage in many ways to the world’s very smart individuals. People like Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Galileo, and Marie Curie from the past. Today, it’s Stephen Hawking and others.

There’s no denying the impact these people have made on mankind, with their respective, and various far-reaching contributions. However, with all due respect to the above mentioned, to me the smartest man (or woman) who ever lived is the advertising executive who first thought of getting people to advertise a product for a company … AND PAY THAT COMPANY FOR THE PRIVILEGE!!! It’s sheer brilliance from a true genius. Taking-Advantage-of-Idiots Marketing 101 at its best. Somehow, we allow our manipulation into spending our money on advancing their name … and being happy about it. Good … God … in … heaven.

Think about it … we hand over hard-earned cash to use products with “Nike” stamped on it, or Coach, or BMW, which is their shameless plug for their own mega-rich companies. Fascinatingly, we’re paying them to advertise their product!!  I can’t believe what suckers we are. We’re advertising THEIR brand … for THEM … on our dime!! It’s just incredible, and doesn’t stop there, of course. It’s ubiquitous and out of control. We pay clothing companies, technology companies, car companies, etc. to advertise their name for them.

And, the biggest offenders of all: Sports teams. I cannot believe a person will pay $80.00 to wear a Philadelphia Eagles hat and jersey … thus, advertising their brand … for them. Wow! Kudos to the advertising genius who made it all happen.

And don’t get me started on men who actually pay to wear jerseys with other men’s names on them. Oh, wait, you already did get me started. See “Men Wearing Jerseys with the Names of Other Men on Them” here under Friction. Thanks for listening, and have an Old Navy day.

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