The Missing Carabiner Clip

The Missing Carabiner Clip

Scenario #1: I knew the placement of a two inch carabiner clip on a bookshelf in my home office would eventually bother my wife. I knew it would then disappear, since the shelf “isn’t where the clip belongs.” She has a blind habit of putting things where she thinks they should go … without asking where that location might be. I say “blind” because she’ll do it and then not remember doing it, since she’s acting on pure impulse and emotion.

Me: “Do you know where that carabiner clip is?”

She: “No, I don’t.”

Me: “Well, it was sitting here on the bookshelf right before you dusted the room.”

She: “Well, don’t look at me, as I didn’t see it.”

Scenario #2: Keep in mind that when my wife is through dusting, digital clocks are altered, eyeglasses are not where they were left, the TV channel has changed, the remote is sitting elsewhere, nanny cams are pointing straight up, the desk phone is slightly off the hook … and she will deny causing any of this. Why? Because she thinks she’s never wrong. I told her that a woman I work with said that most women have that “I can never be wrong” syndrome, due to the fact that they create and harbor life itself. I don’t know how real or contrived that is, but try and figure out that attitude and logic.

Me: “Well, whenever something disappears around here, it’s generally because you kept it without asking where it’s supposed to go. Ask the kids who is the cause of anything that disappears.”

She: “Well, I don’t need to ask to do anything in this house, since I’m the one who cleans it. And, the kids are mistaken. And, furthermore, you should hear what they say about you.”

Me: “Well, even if you did remember that you put the clip elsewhere, you wouldn’t say it, since that would admit you are wrong.”

Scenario #3: The next day, she remembered putting the clip in my “junk” drawer, and admitted it … much to her credit … and my chagrin.

Scenario #4: The day after that, she wanted to know more about that woman I work with.

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