A Blessing in Disguise


(Wishful thinking, with twinkling eyes.)

A Blessing in Disguise©

Far too many long years ago
I set these eyes on her last
Years owned by the ages now
they slipped away too fast

I was certain she was it … the one
It felt fate-enabled, and pre-assigned
This meant, for sure, we’d endure
In fact, nary a doubt crossed my mind

We started together life’s journey
Quickly moving forward to embark
Plotting sordid plans for tomorrow
Our day’s spent undercover, in dark

Sometimes the gap is quite wide
Between love’s intent and actuality
As winning, losing, go hand-in-hand
Then … accepting the reality of finality

I’m reluctant now to look back, fully
Afraid more memories come to light
It’s hard keeping old demons at bay
While feeling chagrined and contrite

Passing years for some are keepsakes
Wishful thinking, with twinkling eyes
For me … with misdeeds to forget
That passing’s a blessing in disguise

A Blessing in Disguise©
Rob Spina

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