Jesus Christ, for ‘Us’ Sake



Jesus Christ, for ‘Us’ Sake

(Is there doubt He was human outward and within?)

Did Jesus get splashed or even wet his feet,
When he walked across the Sea of Galilee?
And did He ever run anywhere, breathless,
short-winded, plain, mundane, like you and me?

Did He ever unceremoniously scratch an itch,
Like a normal, mortal, earthborn human being?
And like us, get diabolical, cynical, egotistical,
Selfish, and caught up in “I’ing” and “me’ing?”

And what did they utilize to cleanse, themselves,
On top, underneath, inside, upfront, and the rear?
If supplies were limited, remote, and scant,
Did the Son of Man just make more appear?

When Jesus confronted the money changers,
In the Temple, did he not display his ire?
Conversely, I’m curious and wondering out loud,
Did He ever smirk, laugh, show wit, and satire?

His presence and command, most vital and key,
As did He not have to inspire, convert, enthrall?
Do you think it chance, not divine intervention
That the Creator made His Jesus over six feet tall?

The King of Kings was decidedly Devine,
But incarnate, and doing human things, I assume?
For instance, did he ever over-eat, indulge,
Accidentally bite his lip, or ever hum a tune?

He, indeed, died and rose on the third day,
So, what took place there, at death’s incipience?
Did He also glimpse heaven and see a bright light,
Like those having a near-death experience?

All questions, curiosity and introspection aside,
Is there doubt He was human outward and within?
As in Hebrews 2:17, wasn’t it written he is like us,
Human body, heart, mind, and will – except for sin?

So, shouldn’t I concur Jesus was like you and me,
As,“in the beginning,” so trumpeted in Genesis 1:26?
When God decreed to create all men alike and same,
So aside from Jesus, isn’t it us too, on His crucifix?

Rob Spina

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