Trial Of Thought

Trial Of Thought

(I yearn to be sublime)

The time is getting closer,
Their objective is almost here;
It really isn’t the waiting
But their arrival is what I fear

It’s easier to be a coward
And learn to run and hide,
But it isn’t all that easy
For one with supposed pride

They always thought it easy
For me to touch the sky,
And I always thought it easy
To continue nourishing a lie

I want to transform myself,
I yearn to be sublime;
But I am their creation
I respond to “One More Time”

The tainted truths they taught,
Created a molded pawn;
When I realized all of this,
I realized I was gone

The time is getting closer
And so is its price’s cost;
I chanced at sniffing freedom,
I gambled and I lost

Rob Spina

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