My Damn Musings To Go

I'll keep doing this over and over until I get it… wrong

A Final Mission

A majestic oak.
All encompassing.
A life tree of principle and protection,
viable in familial space.
Brought down hard;
a blinding and ferocious flash.
God’s act, in a split-second searing
skyward hiss from heaven.

Once aery, ethereal,
abruptly shattered,
now scattered in its reach.
Splintered, charred.
Its finality a reality,
but still grand in its demise.

A father and his son.
Their tenth and seventh decades,
Charged they, with uplifting,
removing the great tree
and perceived indignity, from the ground.

Grandeur in amending mighty remains.

Cognizant, as both aware,
this a divine grant.
An offering …
to one last mission.
Each, quick-glancing the other,
But … a sober affair.

A father and his son.
This a befitting forewarning
of the unexpected, and
the expected to soon come.
Beyond the final mission.
Acclaiming, any, fallen to the earth,
ensuring a relevance for the good;
for the ages.

Both giving thanks,

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