The Siren Call of Memories Past

(My sowing reaped what I wrought.)

The Siren Call of Memories Past

If not for looking back past,
more memories might be grand;
angst and retracing worn steps,
now, daily, go hand-in-hand.
Regretting so many regrets,
not at all my initial plan;
I want liberty to look back,
instead … this reminiscence ban.

It’s not that looking back
isn’t able and so allowed;
simply, it’s no longer likely,
and something long disavowed.
The siren call of memories past
lures me to absorb another look;
suggesting my fear of total recall,
is based on reflections I mistook.

Reality but reveals with certainty,
my flashbacks are what I thought;
no mirage or misconceptions …
my sowing reaped what I wrought.

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