The “Big Guy” who Called WWDB Radio in Philadelphia

The “Big Guy” who Called WWDB Radio in Philadelphia

Many years ago during my ride home from work, I was listening to a radio show by renowned Vietnam correspondent and talk show host, Stan Major. Stan, at that time, was the host of a show at WWDB radio in Philadelphia. I don’t remember the subject matter that day, but Stan fielded a call from a guy who called to warn all young men about their intentions when dating his precious daughter. The guy went on to say that he puts the fear of God into these boys when they come to his house, and they have to go through him first. Oh, and a caution to all that he is a “big guy” and would do much bodily harm to any young man that “hurt” his little girl. Keep in mind, that all “big guys” feel an obligation, for whatever reason, to remind everyone that they’re …….… “big guys.”

This is hypothetical, since my now 27 year son was only six that day, but let me get this straight, Mr. Big Guy. If my son dated your daughter, there’s a probability that you would treat him harshly automatically,  or even harm him?? A sweet, nice kid you don‘t even know, who has caring, loving parents?? All because he’s … a boy???

Well … I don’t think so.

I immediately called Stan’s show and told the Screener I wanted to address the show’s previous caller. I thought I’d be stopped right there. After a brief wait, however, I was on the air with Stan. I told him I was directing all my comments to his previous caller, the Mr. Big Guy that would put the fear of God into my son because my son has the audacity to be born male. I said, “if you did do that to my son, I would crush your skull with a crowbar, Mr. Big Guy.”

At that point, I thought Stan was going to end my call, but he says, “you know what, I also have a son your age, so I don’t blame you one bit and would do the exact same thing.” It made my day.

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