Today I have to do it all Over Again

Today I have to do it all Over Again

It’s true about the wedding-funeral thing. As in, as time goes by, it’s the only time you see certain family members. I was doing the funeral hugs-and sorrow-thing for a while, seemingly caught in one of those endless loops, including my own mother’s. (I love you mom.) Now, again, it’s back to weddings. I had to attend a wedding just three weeks ago, and in a few minutes, I’m leaving for another one. Our friends and family have always lived within an hour’s drive, in our tri-state area. But, if not, and a long drive or plane ride are involved, it looks like I’m not watching women gyrate to the “chicken dance” that particular day. My whole point here is this: at the last wedding, I maneuvered deftly and stealth-like, out of harm’s way from the middle-aged women/old lady kisses, which never seem to end. I was able to keep all conversations to a minimum – at least those which I’ve already had 186,307 times with the same individual. Even better, I was even able to steal away quietly at the end without having to say goodbye to EVERYONE. Today, however, again, I have to do that all over again. More cunning, stealth-like moves are in the planning stages, though it can be draining.

I’m up to the challenge.

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