The Other Sun People

The Other Sun People

I get it. People worship the sun and have it down to a science in so doing. Sun-idolizing pagans in the 5th century bowing to the Sun-God had nothing on these people. Laying in it, playing in it, they’re out there whenever possible in worship … without a pulpit, pew, or a Stonehenge in sight.

Okay, the sun is healthy, it feels good and it tans you, I get all that. I do. What I don’t get are the “other” Sun People, the cry babies who are miserable indoors because the sun isn’t visible outdoors. It’s not raining, mind you, it’s just, God forbid, a cloudy day. Think about it … people are downtrodden and “malaised” because the sun isn’t visible!!! Get a life, people. Listen to me … the sun is still there, just hiding behind Mr. Nasty Cloud. But I promise everything will be alright. Recently, I overheard a millennial complaining – on a work day inside a building – how gloomy it was outside. “How gloooommmmaay,” he said. Dude, let me get this straight. You’re inside, with work to accomplish, but downtrodden, because, outside it’s gloomy???? Good … God … in … heaven.

If these “other” Sun People, these delicate snowflakes, were what we depended on to defend the front lines during World War II, we’d all be, gloomily, er, I mean, globally,  speaking German today.

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