The Food People

The Food People

I don’t know what else to pontificate about this subject anymore. People are obsessed with food and it’s exasperating.

Food is sustenance and life, I get it. So is water and oxygen but no one ever talks about those, ad nauseam, like food. In a restaurant, did you ever notice how all incoming diners stare at the dinner plates of those already eating? Why?? And, if eating a so-called gourmet meal in someone’s house, the host talks endlessly about it (as in where the idea came from to create it, through what means they created it, the ingredients, and any “daring” improvisation to the ingredients, and so on). For me, the entire conversation is an ingredient to an impending migraine. Even lunchtime at work, there are days when the entire conversation in any given group is about the food we’re all eating. How they prepared it, when they prepared it, and how they prepared to prepare it. One day, a co-worker ooohed and ahhhed over the fact that I was removing a frozen TV Dinner out of its box to place in the microwave!!!!!!! I’m not kidding.

I just don’t get the fascination over something we do, minimally, not counting snacks … 21 times a week. Three meals a day, times seven. Even sex wouldn’t be exciting 21 times a week. Unless we can find a way to stir it, mince it, sauté it, fry it, dry it, grill it, bake it, or caramelize it. Hmmm.

Addendum: Today, while at work, at lunch someone was talking about their upcoming business trip to Washington, DC. Amazingly and fascinatingly, they printed out online menus from restaurants near where they’ll be staying. Amazingly and fascinatingly again …  people at our table not going on the trip actually wanted to see the menus. Mind you, this is for meals they’re NOT going to eat. I can’t make this stuff up.

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