I Must Know

beatific vision

(Will You and I meet and greet?)

I Must Know

I must know before I go,
If and when we’ll meet;
Though no offer or guarantee
I’m Yours, when life’s complete.

I know about Your Judas Iscariot,
His despicable betrayal and deceit;
And I know You taught humility,
By washing Your disciples’ feet.

I know You gave Lazarus life,
After his heart ceased to beat;
And outlasted Satan’s temptations
After fasting in desert heat.

I know the sermon on Your mount,
Inheriting earth, the meek’s feat;
And thousands were fed that day
With only five loaves, two fish to eat.

I know about Your death, and return,
And Your Ascension, so bittersweet;
And I know without Your existence,
Hope and faith become obsolete.

What I don’t know before I go …
Will You and I meet and greet?
As I’m hoping for a chance to glance
Your consubstantial right-hand seat.

I Must Know©
Rob Spina

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