Devised Disharmony

(Caused by something unnatural … )

Devised Disharmony

New hatred, leads us and guides,
It divides, overwhelms our day.
But what source feeds this frenzy
As more of us daily, join the fray?

New hatred, the new world order,
A disorder of norm; its aftermath.
Simultaneous summer smiles
Disintegrate to winter’s wrath.

New hatred, permeates, surrounds,
Just abounds, suffocates our land.
Caused by something unnatural,
Not evolution in the time of man.

New hatred, from all, all the time,
As sublime evil begat this rift.
No surprise the perpetrator of,
Manipulates a widening shift.

New hatred, a product of design,
A decline worse than before.
No calming, he, stirring the pot,
Disharmony devised well by 44.

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