I Wanted to Tell Her it Was Okay

(Embarrassed by her age.) Our eyes met briefly just a moment in time her eyes old, observing, weeping a lifetime already mine, young, craving for more she stared a split second longer then turned away embarrassed by my gaze, her age I wanted to tell her it was okay but it wasn’t

The Dark And I

(I knew my life had been snuffed.) The Dark And I I’ve already died one time, and it’s so much different there; I floated and I saw myself in that brightly colored air. I did observe a darkened hall, but I didn’t stay too long; I had this feeling of guided need, for I wasn’t … Continue reading The Dark And I


(They get as cold as ice.) Judging They know that you’re the star, that’s why they act so nice; but let your dynasty end, and they get as cold as ice, Why can’t they be authentic, and engage in what they say; instead of false injections, going on their lying way. I’m trying to unearth … Continue reading Judging

You’re Retired and I’m Not©

(I’ve real work tomorrow … you don’t!) You’re Retired and I’m Not© No one I know still working my age. All younger than me; free of the cage. My, oh my … the indignity … the rage. I work for a living, with zero free time; understandably, that goes hand-in-hand. Retirees … you still seem … Continue reading You’re Retired and I’m Not©

I Must Know

(Will You and I meet and greet?) I Must Know I must know before I go, If and when we’ll meet; Though no offer or guarantee I’m Yours, when life’s complete. I know about Your Judas Iscariot, His despicable betrayal and deceit; And I know You taught humility, By washing Your disciples’ feet. I know … Continue reading I Must Know

Where Home is, Still

(Where our hearts beat.) Where Home is, Still Our family home where we reside where our hearts beat where our blood melds flowing inward always collective together The kindred ties that bind some ties eventually loosen our blood flows outward onward pooling beyond a great wall miles long decades wide a chasm apart Time occasionally an … Continue reading Where Home is, Still

An Unsuspecting Beirut Day

(Today felt man’s inhumanity to man.) An Unsuspecting Beirut Day It was an unsuspecting Beirut day. Alongside the ancient Mediterranean. The Great Sea prepared bear witness. An Embassy, its mission quite vital. American finesse and savoir-faire, Bilateral relations … negotiations … Expert execution for resolution. Aiding those evading persecution. Our embassy, diplomacy at work. Indisputable … Continue reading An Unsuspecting Beirut Day

The Light

(It was misleading at first.) The Light The Light … was pure innocence so shy, shrinking, intermittent dim, diffused with soft edges the Light remained contained though, my eyes wide open no mirage … initially friendly a friend housed in my head playful, peeking, hiding at times now … gluttonous and engorged ingesting souls and … Continue reading The Light

Ode to Martin©

(Standing not in shadows ... ) Ode to Martin© Abraham, Mahatma, Theresa, standing tall, Giants, all, casting long shadows, ages-wide. Martin, you’re there too, in place amongst, Standing not in shadows, but side-by-side. Martin, you’ve been away awhile now, Away, much longer than with us, here. Your legacy carved through stone, endures; Ensures our memory … Continue reading Ode to Martin©

Drowning Dependency

(I own no option now.) Drowning Dependency Back in that world again Waiting for any word Listening the slightest sound Whether sublime or absurd I despise waiting this way Something long to forfeit But I own no options now My new path bows to it An amalgam of desperation Continues flooding my senses Realizing no … Continue reading Drowning Dependency