You Raise Your Sword

(I sensed your shift ... your drift ...) You Raise Your Sword I’ve known of your movement, during and since; no longer needing to convince. Steady, onward. Encroaching. Though not approaching entirely within view. I knew, as you initially intimated. I sensed your shift, your drift, and ill-intent, incrementally inching forward. Today you reach the … Continue reading You Raise Your Sword

Lemmings, Inc.

(All followers and no swollowers of pride.) Lemmings, Inc. No need for constant sunshine, I'm not like you … so damn weak; I can get by easily, quite nicely with a somber sky… so bleak. No relenting to offspring of fatigue, No yielding to that thing you do; For me … yawns aren’t contagious, The … Continue reading Lemmings, Inc.

He, I Thought I Knew

(As all cursed the curse of mortality.) He, I Thought I Knew Their spoken words, weighed well, Carefully chosen but easily said; Words flowed today, freely, fluent, Words adamant, assured, addictive. So admirable, summarizing a life About he, I thought I knew. Who is this man, so gallant, So eloquently eulogized in detail? Intrepid, lionhearted; … Continue reading He, I Thought I Knew

A Blessing in Disguise

(Wishful thinking, with twinkling eyes.) A Blessing in Disguise© Far too many long years ago I set these eyes on her last Years owned by the ages now they slipped away too fast I was certain she was it … the one It felt fate-enabled, and pre-assigned This meant, for sure, we’d endure In fact, … Continue reading A Blessing in Disguise

Ban Trashed Toilets

(Polluted porcelain.) Ban Trashed Toilets Finally, our trash pickup day is here, as our refuse, doesn’t just disappear. Trash cans and litter line the street, including, ugh, a shitty toilet and seat. It isn’t something proud, pretty to see, knowing its lifespan was dunged debris. Who’s the insensitive, inscrutable lout, moving his crapper from inside … Continue reading Ban Trashed Toilets

The Old Man Decrepit

(Beware his interest.) The Old Man Decrepit The old man decrepit, crumbling. Gnarled oak hands twisted, crusty; musty emittance his cologne. Bent, wrinkled, wrinkles cut deep, like a bayou, stagnant and dark. A spidery sub-cellar in the dank earth. He receives old man sympathy from those who don’t know him; from those unaware … but … Continue reading The Old Man Decrepit

I Wanted to Tell Her it Was Okay

(Embarrassed by her age.) Our eyes met briefly just a moment in time her eyes old, observing, weeping a lifetime already mine, young, craving for more she stared a split second longer then turned away embarrassed by my gaze, her age I wanted to tell her it was okay but it wasn’t

The Dark And I

(I knew my life had been snuffed.) The Dark And I I’ve already died one time, and it’s so much different there; I floated and I saw myself in that brightly colored air. I did observe a darkened hall, but I didn’t stay too long; I had this feeling of guided need, for I wasn’t … Continue reading The Dark And I