Gun Hypocrites

Gun Hypocrites The "gun control" debate hits us again. Now, I have my opinion, but, for the most part, that sentiment won't be bombastically displayed here.  But I do have a question to the so-called Hollywood celebs and elites, who always seem to do the opposite of what they unabashedly espouse to the rest of … Continue reading Gun Hypocrites

Ban Trashed Toilets

(Polluted porcelain.) Ban Trashed Toilets Finally, our trash pickup day is here, as our refuse, doesn’t just disappear. Trash cans and litter line the street, including, ugh, a shitty toilet and seat. It isn’t something proud, pretty to see, knowing its lifespan was dunged debris. Who’s the insensitive, inscrutable lout, moving his crapper from inside … Continue reading Ban Trashed Toilets

The Old Man Decrepit

(Beware his interest.) The Old Man Decrepit The old man decrepit, crumbling. Gnarled oak hands twisted, crusty; musty emittance his cologne. Bent, wrinkled, wrinkles cut deep, like a bayou, stagnant and dark. A spidery sub-cellar in the dank earth. He receives old man sympathy from those who don’t know him; from those unaware … but … Continue reading The Old Man Decrepit

Memo to the Makers of Christmas Commercials

Memo to the Makers of Christmas Commercials To: You radio and TV executives responsible for creating and approving each holiday season’s commercials. This applies to all products, but specifically, your new car commercials. From: a beleaguered, tortured individual who cannot get away from those commercials, because they’re constant, everywhere, ongoing … and they ALMOST ALWAYS … Continue reading Memo to the Makers of Christmas Commercials

The Missing Carabiner Clip

The Missing Carabiner Clip Scenario #1: I knew the placement of a two inch carabiner clip on a bookshelf in my home office would eventually bother my wife. I knew it would then disappear, since the shelf "isn't where the clip belongs.” She has a blind habit of putting things where she thinks they should go … Continue reading The Missing Carabiner Clip

What Might Have Been

What Might Have Been A boy toy-strewn living room floor was the setting for that final play session between my five year old son and his same age playmate. The two boys had recently met, but already had numerous play dates within a short period. After the play session, I met the boy's father for … Continue reading What Might Have Been

I Wanted to Tell Her it Was Okay

(Embarrassed by her age.) Our eyes met briefly just a moment in time her eyes old, observing, weeping a lifetime already mine, young, craving for more she stared a split second longer then turned away embarrassed by my gaze, her age I wanted to tell her it was okay but it wasn’t

The Dark And I

(I knew my life had been snuffed.) The Dark And I I’ve already died one time, and it’s so much different there; I floated and I saw myself in that brightly colored air. I did observe a darkened hall, but I didn’t stay too long; I had this feeling of guided need, for I wasn’t … Continue reading The Dark And I


(They get as cold as ice.) Judging They know that you’re the star, that’s why they act so nice; but let your dynasty end, and they get as cold as ice, Why can’t they be authentic, and engage in what they say; instead of false injections, going on their lying way. I’m trying to unearth … Continue reading Judging