The Siren Call of Memories Past

(My sowing reaped what I wrought.) The Siren Call of Memories Past If not for looking back past, more memories might be grand; angst and retracing worn steps, now, daily, go hand-in-hand. Regretting so many regrets, not at all my initial plan; I want liberty to look back, instead … this reminiscence ban. It’s not … Continue reading The Siren Call of Memories Past

The Inkman

(Where does he hide and reside, before he reappears?) The Inkman Daillllly Newssss … Daily News he decrees, offering news, hope, as he chants, voice resonant; wry smile, twinkle eye, greeting those in kind, proud, avowed, endowed, and rather eminent. No spring chicken he, but tall, lean, spare, forever young may be safe how to … Continue reading The Inkman

Devised Disharmony

(Caused by something unnatural ... ) Devised Disharmony New hatred, leads us and guides, It divides, overwhelms our day. But what source feeds this frenzy As more of us daily, join the fray? New hatred, the new world order, A disorder of norm; its aftermath. Simultaneous summer smiles Disintegrate to winter’s wrath. New hatred, permeates, … Continue reading Devised Disharmony

Trial Of Thought

Trial Of Thought (I yearn to be sublime) The time is getting closer, Their objective is almost here; It really isn’t the waiting But their arrival is what I fear It’s easier to be a coward And learn to run and hide, But it isn’t all that easy For one with supposed pride They always … Continue reading Trial Of Thought

Jesus Christ, for ‘Us’ Sake

    Jesus Christ, for 'Us' Sake (Is there doubt He was human outward and within?) Did Jesus get splashed or even wet his feet, When he walked across the Sea of Galilee? And did He ever run anywhere, breathless, short-winded, plain, mundane, like you and me? Did He ever unceremoniously scratch an itch, Like … Continue reading Jesus Christ, for ‘Us’ Sake

You Raise Your Sword

(I sensed your shift ... your drift ...) You Raise Your Sword I’ve known of your movement, during and since; no longer needing to convince. Steady, onward. Encroaching. Though not approaching entirely within view. I knew, as you initially intimated. I sensed your shift, your drift, and ill-intent, incrementally inching forward. Today you reach the … Continue reading You Raise Your Sword

Lemmings, Inc.

(All followers and no swollowers of pride.) Lemmings, Inc. No need for constant sunshine, I'm not like you … so damn weak; I can get by easily, quite nicely with a somber sky… so bleak. No relenting to offspring of fatigue, No yielding to that thing you do; For me … yawns aren’t contagious, The … Continue reading Lemmings, Inc.

He, I Thought I Knew

(As all cursed the curse of mortality.) He, I Thought I Knew Their spoken words, weighed well, Carefully chosen but easily said; Words flowed today, freely, fluent, Words adamant, assured, addictive. So admirable, summarizing a life About he, I thought I knew. Who is this man, so gallant, So eloquently eulogized in detail? Intrepid, lionhearted; … Continue reading He, I Thought I Knew

A Blessing in Disguise

(Wishful thinking, with twinkling eyes.) A Blessing in Disguise© Far too many long years ago I set these eyes on her last Years owned by the ages now they slipped away too fast I was certain she was it … the one It felt fate-enabled, and pre-assigned This meant, for sure, we’d endure In fact, … Continue reading A Blessing in Disguise